Monday, August 13, 2007


Marco and I were walking home from my studio this evening and saw a HUGE rainbow over the city!

We live up a hill at the edge of downtown St. Paul and we were just starting to walk up the hill. We stood on the grassy lawn below the cathedral and from there we saw the full vista of the downtown - skyscrapers with a gigantic perfect full arc of a rainbow over them. The rainbow was absolutely immense! It dwarfed the skyscrapers and the whole downtown. You could see the whole rainbow from end to end, and you could see every color from red to violet, rich and intense. Oh I love moments like this!

Now at 11pm storms are on their way. The rain just started, the trees are starting to whip around as I speak. Lauren was just here visiting and trying some Italian limoncello with us but he ran out before the storm hit. Pretty smart it looks like, especially if he came by motorcycle. Oooh the lights even just flickered for a moment.

I love storms! I love summer!


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