Monday, July 23, 2007

Been a Good Week

This past week has been pretty good. Last week there was a concert in the park near my studio. It happens once a week, and my building had reserved some space for the artists in our building to put out a table and show our wares. I brought out my table, Marco came over and we sat there and watched the concert (bluegrass, if you're wondering).

A woman came over and looked at my jewelry. Then she introduced herself and said she owned a gallery in downtown St. Paul and invited me to participate in a show of glass jewelry that just happened to be opening the next friday.

So I went over to their gallery the next day and they bought 10 necklaces wholesale. Just like that, money on the table. Yay! That covers 2/3 of my month's rent! In addition to that I got the final payment on my most recent custom work, so I definitely came out ahead financially this month. Yay! I get stressed when I'm draining money.


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