Thursday, July 26, 2007

Nothing worked today

Today was just one of those days where everything refused to work. Whether it was the computer, my tools and equipment... even my clothes, even it all seemed to go haywire at the moment I needed it. Rrrrgghh!! I was about to tear my hair out. Maybe because it's so hot right now. I don't mind hot weather, I love it actually, but even I have to admit that I function a bit slower when it's 95 with high humidity. Hence the same must go for my inanimate objects.

In late afternoon a storm came though, and cooled things off. It was a good ripping windy rainy gale that lasted about half an hour. Later when I walked to get groceries it was gorgeous and it smelled so nice out, like warm earth and wet pines and wildflowers.

My friends Lauren and Emily have been out of town all week and now I miss them. I've been busy the last two or three weeks and haven't seen them, but this week I'm not so busy and they're in Hawaii for a wedding. Come back guys!


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