Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Kyoto Protocol in the US

Sometimes when I was living in France, it drove me crazy how European newspapers (not only French ones) really demonized Americans. They showed a small number of jerks (like the current administration) and created a blanket statement that ALL americans were like that. I always cringed when I read that. Towards 2005 or so I was SO sensitive about this issue. I wanted to tell people "no! no! not everyone is like that! So many people are better than that!" but I felt like someone playing a flute in a tornado -- completely unheard.

So now, listen to this. Remember the Kyoto Protocol? "Americans" were blasted for either being so stupid or so greedy that they refused to change their driving habits and industrial regulations.

Here's the real story (from NPR yesterday ) -- even though the Bush administration refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol, over 600 US cities DID adopt Kyoto regulations. 600 US cities! That represents millions of Americans! Millions of Americans and Europeans actually agree on global warming. We never hear this in newspapers. They disproportionatley favor stories about some freaky church in Texas that believes that God commands us to use fossil fuels. Great.

Myy sole wish is that Europeans would see the diversity that exists in the US. There are SO MANY different kinds of opinions and lifestyles here. There are millions of decent, intelligent, sincere people who are just like the great people I knew in France and elsewhere in the world


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