Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving List

Today is Thanksgiving. It's been a really nice day. Marco and I were REALLY lazy all morning. Ahhhhh... I never get a chance to be lazy anymore. I read most of the rest of the book I've been reading (Big History by Cynthia Stokes Brown). Then I went to the studio to put a new plate in the kiln, came back, cooked a veggie dish and Mom came and brought Marco and I over to my cousin's place for dinner with my whole family. There were 14 of us there. We ate and played lots of games.

For Thanksgiving I thought I'd make a list of some things I'm thankful for:

- Marco
- My Mom
- My Dad
- Britt being back in town!!! Whoohoo!
- All the rest of my family
- Having a long history with someone and laughing about old stories
- Being healthy and energetic and almost never getting sick
- Good non-fiction books
- Pictionary and other games to play in big groups
- Walking to work listening to music
- Having a profession where I love going to work every single day
- Glass and enamels
- Old artisan professions
- Owls, hippos, bats, peacocks
- Communication just by a knowing glance
- Seeing the same view outdoors each day, but seeing how it changes with seasons and weather
- Summer thunderstorms
- Clouds in tropical lands, which seem immensely tall when you look into the sky
- A good local pub with a warm wood interior and a good atmosphere
- Being able to not live in Paris anymore
- Deliciously bad thoughts that you can think secretly without anyone knowing, or even better, knowing that someone else is thinking the same thing
- Gallery openings, especially when there's good free food, good art, or both
- Moments when I open the kiln in the morning and my glass has turned out perfectly
- National Public Radio
- Difficult people who are also fascinating
- The persimmon on the counter next to me which will be deliciously ripe tomorrow
- My church when I was a kid which I loved, even though I don't go to church now
- Trees that bear fruit
- Street markets in other countries

This is not an exhaustive list, just a few things that crossed my mind. Goodnight.