Sunday, October 14, 2007

Art Crawl again

I'm typing in my studio right now. It's sunday. This weekend is the art crawl, so I've been here for three days with the door open while people wander in and look at my work.

I wasn't prepared for the art crawl at all, since I've been working on other projects. But I just put out mostly old unsold works (sun catchers, necklaces) and I've already made $300! Yay! I even sold a mirror that I think is ugly and would never sell. I had made it in a rush for my Gallery 360 Christmas show last winter. There's a buyer for everything I guess.

My mom is in the art crawl this year too, two floors down. Cool! She is showing some photography with the group of ladies with whom she shares a co-op studio. Normally she paints. Painting has been her new hobby in the past year, now that she's fully retired.


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